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New Release Alert — "Limonade" by MOIRA, the Tallulah Goodtimes Remix

Updated: Feb 29

A cross-continental collaboration between two headstrong mothers in music is coming on the 24th November 2021, on Tourbomusic.

Pre-save "Limonade" by MOIRA, the Tallulah Goodtimes Remix by clicking the lemon below!

About The Release

Curiosity and social media led to this exciting new collaboration between two headstrong mothers in music: MOIRA and Tallulah.

With technology closing the geographical miles between them, band leader, MOIRA, and DJ/producer Tallulah Goodtimes found an instant rapport upon meeting, sharing a common love of celebrating and supporting women in music, as well as for bringing joyful music endeavours to the world.

"Limonade" is an uplifting story of making the best of life, even when it serves you up a bunch of lemons, told in French with the accomplished lead vocals and songwriting of MOIRA.

Allowing the virtuoso performances of MOIRA's band members to shine, Tallulah adds her DJs-eye-view to the song, bringing a dancefloor-ready classic electro-swing flavour to the song.

The remix is mixed and mastered by Pisk, of Sicily's Swingrowers. It will be available to buy and stream on all major platforms on Wednesday the 24th November 2021.

Listen Now:

1. Enjoy listening "Limonade" by clicking play on the Soundcloud link. Then... 3. Pre-save the song HERE If you love the work, please play it and share it widely - on socials, channels, mixes and shows, and signpost people to where they can pre-save and discover the music by using THIS LINK.

With big love and gratitude, Tallulah x

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