Tallulah Goodtimes

Welcome to my electroswing and vintage remix home!

Welcome intergalactic adventurer. My name is Tallulah Goodtimes, a DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer with a mission to bring about connection, happiness and positivity through my creative and music endeavours.

As a performer in the midst of a pandemic, and seeing all face to face events postponed, I turned to the world of LIVE broadcasting to continue my work in providing music for goodtimes, moments of celebration, online gatherings with friends and family, and a space forget your cares for a short while. 

It’s like I’m on tour – with you, in the comfort of your own home – and in  your PJs! Nothing can replace face to face, but it sure feels good to connect, so I invite you to come and join the party – possibly the most convenient entertainment you’ll ever experience – the journey home was never so quick and easy!

Facebook.com/tallulahgoodtimes/livePart gig, part radio show, PARTY IN YOUR PJs is about awesome music, connection, and live chat, each week with a different show, and now reaching an international audience. 

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I am also here to help with your ‘after party’ enquiries for when we are no  longer in lockdown.  Whether you’re planning a huge party, or a small  gathering with friends, I can help you create a sizzling party! Just drop  me a line HERE!


I’m writing an album, “Interstellar Swing”. It’s a  romp through the electroswing and vintage remix universe – creativity can and must rise up in challenging times!

Imagine what might happen if Caro Emerald met Fatboy Slim in a 1920s speakeasy at London’s Ministry of Sound, and you get the idea.

If you’re already a lover of electro swing and vintage remix, and dig artists like Caravan Palace, Electric Swing Circus, Swingrowers, Parov Stelar, Captain Flatcap, Wolfgang Lohr, Odd Chap, and Mista Trick, you will LOVE this work.

Pre-orders will be launching soon, so if you want in on the freshest East Coast electro swing sounds you’ll  hear out of the UK, I urge you to sign up below so you can be the first to know when this happens (and grab a belting free tune of mine, “STOMP” while you’re there!) 

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‘Til soon, 

Tallulah X

Party in your PJ’s…