So you’re having a party and want some food?

I love all things food. Whether it’s cooking with the family, making up an easy menu for a party at home, or working with chefs to plan the menus at my parties, there’s something really special about creating, enjoying and sharing great food. It is one of the simplest of life’s pleasures and comes pretty close after my family and music in terms of my loves in life.

Someone recently got in touch to ask for their advice on catering for their event, so I thought I’d share the questions they asked me. Here’s a quick list of things to think about before you speak to a caterer and likely questions they will ask you!

Whether you want sit-down or finger style stand up & munch?
What’s your venue like?
Do you fancy formal or informal?
Banquet style long table, cantina style, or smaller tables?
Table cloths?
Cafe style?
Any particular dietary requirements?
Are the guests adventurous?
Do you have a party theme that the menu could compliment?
Do you have a preference over one-pot, a proper sit-down meal, or canapes?
Do you want sharing plates, or individual items?
Have you thought about how much budget you have per head, or overall? (This is going to have a big impact as to what you can have whether you are seeking humble soul food or the finest world cuisine).
Is there running water and power at your venue?
Will you require staff to serve your food?
Have you thought about the bar?

Hope this helps in your quest to plan a great party!

Hanging out at Concertina Cantina, a music and food adventure at The Table, Woodbridge, with chef Vernon Blackmore.