Tallulah’s Top Ten – When House Swings

my link to juno download

Happy New Year y’all! So, one of my many resolutions is to create charts to give you a taster of my hot picks for the dancefloor, using Junodownload.com as the medium to do this.

Of course, this won’t hit all the tunes I’m playing, but there are loads of great tunes available on the site, so it’s a great place to start to build on your digital collection.

My first chart features a selection of swinging tunes I rate as I watch them working the dancefloor everytime I’ve played them.

Huge props to all the artists creating them – these are exciting times in the land of electroswing and YOU are a part of it!

Buying music allows artists to keep doing what they do best, and whether you’d like one or all of these tunes in your collection, you can ‘buy the chart’ easily by following this link:

my link to juno download

And you can preview it here: