Spotify playlist 1!

Way back when, living in the projects of the Surrey Hills (hardly, but you know, let’s fly with it for a minute). I was captured by hip hop. I loved it’s rawness. I could feel it’s power – I loved it’s musicality, poetry, the message, and the samping in the music was like a dream for a trainspotter like me.

Derek B’s Good Groove set me off – the first vinyl I bought (a 7″ which I still have now). Age 14 I told my mum I was going to my friend’s for pizza and merrily skipped up to Brixton to see the Stereo MCs (For those of you who arrived to the party later than me, this was pre-telecoms ad – it was underground). Blimey, I got bollocking for that one and in hindsight maybe it wasn’t my smartest move, but it was a good gig, so, you know.

A bit later, I bought NWA’s Straight Outta Compton album on tape and listened over and over and journied into the land of hip hop with friends, and with a little help from KissFM and Tim Westwood.

There’s no doubt that as I write my album, and in the tunes I play, my hip hop influences come through. One of the reasons I LOVE electro swing and vintage remix is the remix element – borrowing and turning something old, and representing it in a new way – my earlyish musical education played a big part.

So what’s the point in this story? Well, I decided it’s high time to get my Spotify shizz together and start creating playlists to share with you. I wasn’t sure where to start so I picked my favourite hip hop vibes. The tunes aren’t in chronological order, but it’s an insight into some which have touched me during my life in music.

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