“I Party with Tallulah” Mug


Love a hot, steaming cuppa? Love to party with Tallulah? Time to make it known with this piece of Goodtimes history!

The ceramic mug is glossy, with 11 oz capacity (a standard mug size), printed on both sides, and dishwasher and microwave safe.



The Goodtimes Crew Collection

When I began thinking about merchandise for the Goodtimes Crew, my first thought was t-shirts. Then one of you said, “Actually, I’m more of a braces man!”, and then more of you said “Wow! I love the kimono you’re wearing”, as I broadcasted Party in Your PJs, our weekly online gig/radio show. So I asked the community if anyone was interested in a Goodtimes Crew Kimono.

The response was overwhelmingly positive! And I realised you wanted something more unique!

So I set to work, to find something which was reflective of who we are as a community! Here’s the first small, but meaningful iteration of my Tallulah Goodtimes, “Goodtimes Crew” collection. It’s an experiment. I hope you love it. And I hope that it won’t be too long before I also find the perfect pair of braces!

For now, each collection will be a pop-up. It will appear for a limited run for a short time only. This is to keep it fresh, unique, adaptable. Just like us!

The way it will work is that I will announce the collection to my email broadcast first, then in the Goodtimes Online community. For clothing, you will be able to choose your size, (with sizing charts next to each item, where necessary), and a simple ‘Buy Now’ button will be available. I will be using Paypal, for our protection, but you will also be able to use your card with this method without being signed up to Paypal.

Below is a sample of a collection, to give you a flavour. The first real one is coming soon, so hold tight, and thanks for taking a peek.

With love, and goodtimes,
Tallulah X