It’s a new dawn…

It’s a new day!

Ah, do love Mondays (I know, weird). The sense of possibility, and a whole fresh perspective on the world. This weekend, I listened back to some of last week’s studio work whilst I drove to Norwich for an appointment I was a week early for. More work this week on what is shaping up to be a great collection of tracks.

Did you watch Glasto this weekend? I did, with some envy, and have begun the week with a renewed intention to make it happen next year. So if you know anyone who can help me get there to play, shout! In the meantime, you can help massively by sharing my page, site and music with your friends, and following me on Soundcloud and Twitter.

And if you want to see a flavour of the festival, you could hit the Iplayer, or your could watch some footage here which captures the amazing, if slightly distorted sounds of Bart & Baker, two brilliant French music producers, as they spin their electroswing and vintage remix at Shangri La. Glastonbury is so much more than the more mainstream acts – in fact, it’s the goings on outside of the main arenas where the magic really happens. Check out the confetti cannons!

Last week, Captain Flatcap played my tune, “Jamboree” on his Vintage Remix show. He’s got a great voice to listen to and played a great mix of tracks on the show. Check it out here and if you need to listen to Jamboree, it’s about 56 mins in. Thanks Cap’n.

I bloody love Jamie Berry – his tracks pump with squelchy basses galore and uplifting samples. I’m really excited he’s coming to the Maui Waui Festival to play in September.  Anyway, last week, he previewed a little taster of his “Grandiose” EP, due for release on Flak Records in July. Have a listen – what do you reckon? It’s another quality production from him. Wouldn’t expect anything less.

This coming Friday, 4th July, I’ll be spinning at Boomtime! At The East Coast Diner in Woodbridge, and premiering some of my music. Come along, eat some pizza, or their brilliant burgers, and grab a cocktail or two while you’re there and I’ll soundtrack your night. Can’t wait. It’s free entry, and you’ll be part of a friendly and up for it crowd of musical adventurers.

I’ll be aiming to update this blog regularly with music and insights, so get your goodselves signed up so new postings are delivered straight to your inbox hot off the press!

‘Til next time,

T x


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