There is nothing better than the freedom of a festival. Musical boundaries can be pushed to open-minded crowds and my vintage remix sounds and technically flowing performance bring joyful energy to any event.


Fantastic Festivals РMaui Waui 

“Electro Swings number one lady is most certainly Tallulah Goodtimes, theres very few people who can do what Tallulah does, she manages to capture an audience and involve them in the music in a magical way, very few DJ’s produce such a stage presence to be admired and enjoyed. Her music and the way she produces tracks live is beautiful and unique, in a growing scene the competition increases and nearly half a million plays on soundcloud just backs up that she is one of the best around. Maui Waui is absolutely behind her all the way!

During the day, fun, funky beats scene-set. Then into the dark night deep in the festival hunker into the dusky shadows and get lost in pounding beats and baselines for the underground filthy feel, with the sheer joy of vintage samples to get the crowd grinning and keep them dancing all night long.