If you’re organising an event, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. Here are some of those I’m most commonly asked:

Do you have your own DJ equipment? I have decks, mixer and laptop. When it’s just me playing, I can bring all my kit with me to play on.

If you also have other DJs playing at your event, you will need to hire in kit we can all play on. I’d love to lend mine for everyone to use, but it has been damaged on too many occasions for me to feel comfortable with this and is in use day to day, so I can’t afford the possibility of accidental damage.

How about a PA / Soundsystem? I have a small 300w soundystem, suitable for up to 50 people, but it is only really suitable for small spaces and doesn’t have the welly required for anything bigger. I can hire in a larger PA for anything up to a stadium-sized event, so just let me know what you need and I can price it for you. I’m happy to use your PA, as long as it’s PAT tested, well-maintained, in good condition, and the right size for the venue.

Do you have lights? No, but again, I can hire in anything from uplighters, to moving heads and work with lighting experts who can advise on the right solution for you.

AV equipment? No, as above.

Are you insured? Yes. I’m a member of the Musicians Union, and have £10,000,000 public liability insurance.

Will you travel? Love a roadtrip! Always.

Do you only play electroswing? I’m an electroswing specialist, and it’s my mission to introduce it to as many people as possible. When I play a public gig, that’s what you’ll hear me play.

Same goes for private parties and weddings – if you love electroswing and vintage remix you’ll love my sets and they complement a vintage theme beautifully – you can hear them here: Tallulah’s Soundcloud!

That said, I understand that at your wedding or birthday party you may want a broader music offering alongside electroswing to cater for your guests so you ALL have an amazing time. I want everyone to have a party to remember, so I’m happy to play a broader mix of music, combined with electroswing and vintage remix so that the music suits the night well on those occasions.