The Electroswing Mansion

The Electroswing Mansion

After a raucous party on Friday night at the East Coast Diner in the usually sleepy town of Woodbridge Suffolk, I packed up my tunes, and travelled to London.

I’d been invited to play the electroswing and vintage remix sounds I’m known for at a Great Gatsby-styled birthday party in a ballroom in Mayfair.

As you know by now, one of my missions is to introduce electroswing (or vintage remix, whatever your choice) to new audiences globally, and on Saturday, the mission continued!

To give you a taster, the three hour set included these tracks:

Postmodern Jukebox (Thrift Shop, Call Me Maybe)
Piney Gir (I Wanna Be Like You)
Caro Emerald (Pack up my Louie, Caravan Palace Remix)
Lionel Hampton – Don’t Mean a Thing
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra – Happy Feet
Swingrowers (feat The Lost Fingers, Pump Up the Jam)
Swing Republic (Crazy in Love, of course!)
11 Acorn Lane (Le Sexe Au Telephone)
Jurassic 5 (Swing Set)
The Cure (Lovecats)
Skeewiff (I’m Coming Home Baby)
Tape Five (Tequila)
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra (Sing, Sing, Sing)

The venue was simply made for the swing with beats and beats with swing sounds of Electroswing. As often happens, I’ve come away inspired -‘The Electroswing Mansion’ will be the name of my next mix! Look out for it coming soon.

If you close your eyes as you’re listening to some of the music, imagine low lighting, gold-gilt on the walls and ceiling, three huge chandeliers, polished floors and perhaps one of the most opulent mansions in our capital city. Stylish, beautiful dresses, Tiffany headwear, smiling faces, and the dancefloor filled with guests having a good time – among them Natalie Imbruglia, such a gorgeous girl.

Wishing a very happy birthday to the birthday girl, so glad you had a good night and it was a pleasure to play for you!

Til next time,

Tallulah Goodtimes – the home of Electroswing