How can YOU choose what you pay for my music? Read on…

Well, it’s a bright, sunny Monday morning, and with a fire in my belly, and inspired, I’m on a mission. A mission to make my music as affordable as possible for everyone, whilst still keeping the wolf from my door.

A while ago, my friend and amazing choreographer, (who’s done all sorts of cool choreography) Helen Carpenter-Waters, asked whether I could create an electroswing mix of tunes that she could us to choreograph a routine to for presentation at the Fitpro Convention.

I’ve called it “The Goodtimes Swang!”.

Armed with a bundle of samples, synths, trusty Logic software and a creative mindset, I set to work writing it. Over the course of several weeks I wrote each individual tune, then created the continuous mix. A whole lot of love went in to making it, and I’m pretty pleased with the results, and hope you’ll like it too. In fact, I’m hoping you’ll like it enough to buy it to be completely honest!

So here’s the rub.

I want my music to be affordable to as many people as possible – to spread the love far and wide. In fact, I’d like give it away for free.

But I have a family to support, and it took a lot of time, effort and love to create so I believe it’s WORTH something. When I first uploaded this page, I price the music at £12 – great value for a 40 minute mix, I think.

BUT, I also know what it’s like when times are tight. So (and I’ve not tried this before so would like to see how it goes). I’m going to rely on your honesty and you can pay what you can afford and what you think the music will be worth to YOU and am offering it for 3 different prices.

Before making the purchase, I ask that you ask yourself a few questions:

Will it bring you joy? Will you love listening to it time and again? Will it make you feel good? Will it give you memories that you can revisit each time you play it? Will it inspire you to dance, play, and party?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, then it probably will add value to your life. So is worth paying for.

There are 3 prices to choose from. I’m not one to judge, so don’t feel obliged in any way when choosing the price you’ll pay. Just pay what you think it’s worth and what you can afford. And that’s it!

The file is 85mb in size and you can purchase using the link below, and paying with Paypal. Once purchased, you will be sent a link to your download.

Should you have any questions, or problems with accessing your download, please do not hesitate to contact me. And enjoy the music!

Visit the shop now to buy it!