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A big part of electroswing and vintage remix scene is the dress and costume – whether fab flapper or dapper chapper. And with parties and immersive theatre encouraging the wearing prohibition style frocks and accessories, it’s the perfect opportunity to transport back in time, bring out your inner extrovert and transform into someone else for the night.

I’m often asked where I source my outfits. So here are my hot tips on where to find the ultimate outfit for a vintage infused evening (click bold for a link to the place). But first, some pics to when your appetite for gorgeous 1920’s inspo (or scroll past to get to the info).

Jazz Age photos


There are several companies selling repro vintage dresses which are fabulous, and reasonably priced.

I always have a look on Ebay, and on Etsy too (I’ve been known to ship accessories in from the US, but postage within the UK is cheaper).

Whether I’m looking on Ebay, Etsy, or on Google, I search for ‘Flapper dress’ or ‘Flapper dresses’. Sometimes I search sequin dresses.

My favourite repro dress retailer by a long chalk, who also stock accessories, too is: The dresses are well made, beautiful, and you’ll feel like a total doll!

Frock and Frill is also great! Search ‘flapper dresses’ on the site for their collection of frilling flapper dresses.

Stockists of Frock and Frill and more, Rock My Vintage are worth a look:

More glittergasm than flapper, Rosa Bloom is fabulous for a sequinned costume, or kimono:

Charity shops can also be a treasure trove, so keep your peepers peeled!


Whether I’m looking on Ebay, Etsy, or on Google, – same thing: ‘flapper headbands’ or ‘flapper headwear’ or ‘headpiece’. Most of mine are custom-made by milliner Gina Mcadam (

For beautiful headbands and hats, head over to Talulah Blue’s shop on Etsy:

Again, Gatsbylady sell them too.

For beautiful, surreal millinery, try:



Charity shops, vintage shops and again Ebay and Etsy are where I find my jewels. I basically love anything sparkly. Earrings and necklaces. Search “Flapper necklace” or “Flapper earrings” and you’ll find something. I often stretch out to the 1930s art deco for some absolute beauties too.

It’s all in the detail Other sartorial delights to jazz up and add to your look and search for include feather boas; faux fur capes; sequin capes, T-bar shoes; Long gloves; cigarette holders; sequin purses / clutch bags.


You can flip the look too and go Hollywood glam, but aim for a Fred Astair Top Hat & Tails look – dapper flapper a la Marlene Dietrich.









And of course, don’t forget your flapper hair & makeup. Dark smoky eyes, deep red lips, and marcel or hollywood waves to complement your headwear. There are some awesome tutorials on Youtube – again search for 1920s / flapper makeup / hair tutorial – or ‘easy 1920s hair’ for some easy-to-recreate styles.



If the thought of searching for it online feels too exhausting, you can try the many vintage events which happen across the country – such as The Secret Vintage Fair.

Don’t feel bound by the era, though. True style is all about the remix – bringing elements of vintage with the new your way, adding sparkle and feeling great.

In these turbulent times, there’s nothing more soothing for the soul than good times with great music, friends, and a little escapism into the land of dress-up.

So enjoy! And happy shopping!

Tallulah x