April Electroswing Hot Tips

Well hello! Feels like ages. I’ve been soooo busy, yada yada. Truth is, family life swallows me up sometimes and I love my kids and don’t want to miss out on them growing up by spending my entire life play…ahem, working.

So, I know, I missed March. Moving swiftly on, time to draw your attention to some great tunes before I miss April as well…

Phil Mac

One of the DJs who originally turned my head towards electroswing with his take on Roll out The Barrel, Phil Mac is something of an enigma in my mind. He’s turned out a huge amount of tunes, and just keeps quietly turning the wheel. His recent take on Postmodern Jukebox’s take on Sweet Child O’Mine (confused yet?!) is smashing up dancefloors all over the place. It’s ridiculously good – taking the powerhouse voice of Miche Braden, Scott Bradlee’s arrangement, and then mashing it up into an electroswing rave MONSTER.

I’ve said it before, but this usually gets dancers on the dancefloor momentarily confused. It’s slow, really slow, leaving folk wondering what you (the DJ) have done, spoiling their momentum. But then the energy builds, and then some, and then…and well, let’s just say it explodes.

If you haven’t yet heard it, you need to now, and if you’re a collector of electroswing, this is one which deserves a place in your collection.


Swingrowers “That’s Right”

I couldn’t let this round up pass without yet another Freshly Squeezed release. They don’t half keep them coming and this is another quality slice of musica. So much so that Craig Charles has featured it on his radio 6 Funk & Soul show – further evidence that the good word of electroswing continues to grow and spread.

Released on 6 April with an original and two remixes from Jamie Berry and Swing Republic, and the video unleashed last week, the Swingrowers are clearly on fire with this gem. You’ll no doubt be hearing this at parties and festivals this year and I’m looking forward to seeing their live shows.

DJ Dunya

Not so much a tune as such, but an artistic interpretation of music and dance from 20s to the 80s. I like the idea of combining dance and music in a structured way to portray the sounds & movements through the ages so I thought I’d share. It’s art, innit!

Dylan Joel

He comes from Australia, and this very morning his tune “Swing” literally burst like a ray of sunshine into my life via Big Swing Soundsystem‘s twitter feed. Rapping = poetry, and just earlier this week I’d been listening to Guru’s Jazzmatazz Volume One and reliving the early London years when I was Djing with a collective called Mellowdramatic. So this was a timely and most welcome arrival.

Dylan’s track, “Swing”, hits every note for me. It’s got swing (yup, lyrics cover it), proper bassline, multi-tempo action and the postive lyrics sweetly bat to & fro his & guest Mantra’s tongues like poetry that’s often lacking in the more grimy commercial “all about the money” style hip hop that’s drowned the mainstream for a while. And Dj Izm and guest singer Chantal Mitvalski do their thing to perfection. The video’s awesome too.

This IS back to the old school and I love it. While I was on his Soundcloud page, I listened to some of his other tracks. Setting the lyrical bar high, and with some quality sample pilfering going on, they’re a great listen – you should go & check him out and in the meantime swing to “Swing”. Badass. I’m excited to hear what’s next from him, I have a feeling he’s going to do well & I for one hope he’s coming to the UK before too long.


I’m not asleep, I know I featured them last time. But they’ve pulled another one out the bag, this time electroswinging up Britney. Yup, Britney Spears. I can’t tell you the number of times I used to get asked for this, and by the end of my stint in the commercial clubs of the West End I never wanted to hear it again – it truly had lived up to it’s name. But it’s a great track, and I love what they’ve done – they sure are clever Cats, and this one’s in my party collection. In other news, Ragtime Records announced the addition of Catjam to their stable of artist. Congrats guys, and good call, Ragtime!

That’s it for this one, but there’s already a pile of great stuff lined up for the next one, so keep your eyes peeled for it! 

Til then,