Does music make you happy?

You may or may not know that as well as performing – DJing, singing, and producing music, I also teach DJing.

As most of us musical entrepreneurs know, having different sources of income is a great way to stay on top of your financial health in what can be a very unpredictable business. When I was starting out, I sought a balance of performance and something else to support that work.

I tried most things, from working in a pub, a record shop, instructing fitness, market researching (oh yes, it’s amazing what you can learn about cat milk through a day spent in a room with the people trying to work out how they’re going to position it). The record shop was amazing but I spent all my earnings on records, so the teaching won out in terms of keeping me afloat.

More than that though, I found I got a real buzz passing on my knowledge – so it has remained something I really enjoy as part of my life in music. To inspire is a great gift, and if just one person finds they have the confidence to pursue a creative career as a result of our meeting then I’ve done a good job.

I spent this weekend just gone at Alexandra Palace running DJ workshops to inspire the young women in the Senior Section of the Girl Guides to try DJ.

On Saturday and Sunday, I ran 20 minute introductory DJ workshops. As well as quick walk through of the software and hardware and some hands-on mixing experience, we had some interesting discussions about women in music, about how a creative and music-based business is, in my experience at least, a great career choice. There’s no doubt it’s a long road, but wow, it is a fun and interesting one!

I met some great future DJs and I hope they carry on their musical journies.

Towards the end of Sunday, one girl said to me ‘hearing these two tunes together just makes me so happy’ – a huge grin lit up her face. I totally relate.

A career in music can be hard and challenging, but it has a great capacity to make you happy – and when it comes to a career choice, I think that’s a very good place to start.

Video snippet of teachin in action on Saturday:

Ally Pally Girl Guiding Event DJ workshops 20/21 2016

And then there was also this piece in the East Anglian Daily Times, too!